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Sep. 23rd, 2011

nando felicidad

Writer's Block: “We built this city on rock and roll”

Well there are a lot of songs lyrics that I love but "Cut here" The Cure is somehow special, I don't know well why. Maybe because talks about one ot the most sad situations in life?.  When you love someone and him/she walks away without looking back.

I specially like the lines that say:

Because it's hard to think
"I'll never get another chance
To hold you... to hold you... "
But how many times can I walk away and wish "If only..."
But how many times can I talk this way and wish "If only..."
Keep on making the same mistake
Keep on aching the same heartbreak
I wish "If only..."

But "If only...."
Is a wish too late...

Some how that makes me feel that maybe second chances exist. Or that it wasn't meant to be.

What are your favorite song lyrics, and why?

Jul. 16th, 2008


Do you want to know what music were listening la seleccion?

this is my first post!
In a spanish blogg is published the list of songs Sergio Ramos did to be played in the bus and in the checkroom of La Seleccion. Sergio is the unofficial dj of la seleccion and he select 17 themes.

1 - Se parece más a ti - Jambao

2 - Por ti - Asignatura pendiente

3 - La mano de Dios - El potro Rodrigo

4 - Hate that I love you - Bisbal & Rihanna

5 - Por ti daría - Hanna

6 - Say it right - Nelly Furtado

7 - Suave - Hinojosa & Zambrano

8 - Cuentale - Don Omar

9 - Pecho a Pechuga - Fulanito

10 - So Confused - 2 Play

11 - Alexander Pires - Quitémonos la ropa

12 - Because of you - Ne-Yo

13 - Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger

14 - Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

15 - remezcla de I NEED A MIRACLE - Fragma

16 - Rehab - Amy Winehouse

17 - Ay Dios - Franco de vita

You can read the complete new here (in spanish) :http://mata-dor.blogspot.com/
And also see the videos or listen to the songs.

Enjoy it

Estrenando mi blogg

Hace unos días me registré en LJ y estoy empezando a entender como funciona esto, así que a ver si con un poco de tiempo me hago una idea de como va todo y empiezo a poner temas y a colgar fotos. La verdad es que es todo un mundo nuevo por descubrir,